Christian Baines says "...Nate is out for serious blood, and William Holden is out to disturb the f**k out of anyone who picks this up. Some scenes pushed buttons for me, and I usually have a pretty high tolerance for such things. It recalls some of the best Clive Barker stories, such as Midnight Meat Train (in Books of Blood: Volume One) and The Hellbound Heart. Compelling right from the start, and highly recommended..." - Goodreads.

Crimson Souls

In 1920, Phineas Nathanial Trescott fought back against the “Secret Court” of Harvard’s elite and their unjust purge of homosexual men. The members of the court, fearing his influence attacked him, and threw him off a bridge to look like a suicide. As Phineas lay in the river dying, he was given the chance of eternal life, a life that would allow him to seek out the men who had murdered him. He accepts the offer and becomes Nate, The Midnight Barker a shadower ruling over the dark realm of his Netherworld. Now over eighty years later, Nate has tracked down the last remaining descendants of the members of the Secret Court, and for one night will gather them together for a final confrontation of lust, desire, and revenge.

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