What People Are Saying...

"This is a book of short stories that capture your attention and doesn't let you go until you've finished the whole book. The characters are haunting, engaging and unforgettable".  - Amazon Customer Review

"What I LIKE most of all here: they all, really all, have an ending you won’t expect. EVERY SINGLE STORY is totally utterly unpredictable...For every gay horror erotica fan, for every gay anthology fan and for everyone who LIKES to try something different HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." - Gaybook.reviews

The imagination of William Holden is one that values sweat and sperm and blood. And shadows to hide the rivulets of these fluids as they descend and drip from the naked flesh of men. These tales of homoerotic horror haunt a reader long after the eye moves from the last words on a page. Stories of a lecherous carnival barker who deal in breath and souls, a town where Halloween has become more than playful tricks and sweet treats, the promise of desire at the razor's edge of life and death.

Now Available from  Lethe Press.

Grave Desires

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