"As a piece of historical fiction, Holden incorporates just enough actual history to transport the reader, but not to impede the narrative flow...Holden does not glamorize the past, either: he presents the scenes in the Biĉetre and Newgate as dirty, brutal, and harrowing. Nor does he employ a stilted dialect in order to create atmosphere, but uses a modern idiom
throughout." - Keith Glaeske, Chelsea Station.​
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The Thief Taker: A Thomas Newton Erotic Adventure

Fleeing London, Thomas Newton reaches Paris full of hopes for a new life with Pierre Baptiste. The hopes are quickly shattered. There are unsettling rumors about Pierre's past and very real threats in the present. Arrested on false charges, thrown into a dank prison, Thomas must decide whether he can trust Pierre's help to winning back his freedom.

But freedom will bring other risks, especially if it requires a return to London and all that he fled. The men from his past whom he betrayed--and who might well want revenge. His avowed enemies, the bigots that chased him across the channel, and, worst of all, everything he doesn't know about his family. To survive he will have to play both sides of the life - as a thief taker.


Honorable Mention - Rainbow Book Awards for Best Gay Erotica, 2014

Finalist - Rainbow Book Awards for Best Gay Erotica, 2014