2nd Place in the 2012 Rainbow Book Awards for Best Gay Horror

Finalist for Best Horror of 2012 by the American Library Associations Foreword Book Awards


"William Holden has a masterful voice and a stunning imagination. From short, sharp shocks of Flash fiction, to layered and emotionally charged longer tales, Words to Die By is a sexy and scary collection of erotic horror. Highly recommended." - Lee Thomas, Lambda Literary Award-winning author of THE GERMAN

Words to Die By

Delve into the darker side of human nature with these sixteen stories. As darkness enters the mind through revenge, jealousy, paranoia, or the uncanny operations of a supernatural force, these stories lead you into new heights of fear...and arousal. In "Felonious Behavior," Jack Stevens takes matters into his own hands when the police can't or won't do anything about the driver who ran him down. In "The Other Man," a sex doll named Joey finds life through jealousy over his owner's new boyfriend. "Fear #2 - Hierophobia, The Fear of Priests" tells of Gian, who returns home to confront his childhood fear - only to find that the priest who once terrified him isn't human, and his destiny is to follow in the priest's dark footsteps. The human mind is  fragile. How much fear one person can handle depends on how deep the darkness runs.

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