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"...Nate is out for serious blood, and William Holden is out to disturb the f**k out of anyone who picks this up. Some scenes pushed buttons for me, and I usually have a pretty high tolerance for such things. It recalls some of the best Clive Barker stories, such as Midnight Meat Train (in Books of Blood: Volume One) and The Hellbound Heart. Compelling right from the start, and highly recommended..." - Goodreads - Christian Baines.

From the twisted deprived minds of men to demons and other worldly beings, horror takes on many faces in my two collections, and various short stories.

Male/Male love has been with us from the beginning of time. Come on in and experience your wild fantasies. With over sixty published short stories there's a little something for everyone.


Erotica & Romance

Historical Fiction

London during the 18th Century was a rough, and randy time in the city's history. It's a perfect backdrop for  intrigue, sex, and murder.